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EClass.Builder 2.5 Documentation

EClass.Builder is a  full-featured software package for developing learning modules, web sites, and other forms of hypertext documentation. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and documentation built using EClass.Builder can be deployed on the Internet or CD-ROM.

What's New?

The major new features of version 2.5 are:
  • New Plug-In System: EClass.Builder 2.5 now allows third-party developers to write support for new content formats. Now, when you create a new page, you can select what kind of content you want to create - an EClass page, a quiz or even a web page. Also, new content formats can often be downloaded and installed without having to update your entire EClass.Builder installation.
  • Visual HTML Editing: With the new 'web page' page type, you can now edit web pages as easily as if you were writing a document in your favorite word processor. This format offers you more control over your content, allowing you to make links or insert images and other media anywhere in the page without restriction. You can also use copy and paste to insert content from other documents or web sites.
  • Integrated Search Engine: EClass.Builder now comes out of the box with support for creating a full-text index of all the content in your EClass. Contents can be searched via CD, and soon via the Internet as well.
  • Quiz Page Type: Quickly and easily generate self-grading quizzes to help learners test their comprehension. You can also provide feedback for both correct and incorrect responses.
  • Themes: EClass has traditionally given little control over the look and feel of the course. EClass.Builder 2.5 introduces themes, which allow you to change the look and feel of your course and even create your own themes. Advanced users can even write 'macros' (in Python) to extend the functionality of their EClass.
  • Foreign Language Support: The EClass.Builder interface has been translated into Spanish and other languages can be added via an XML-based translation system.